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Laura’s story

Patient raises over £1,000 for Retinal Children’s Fund in time for Macular Week


It was a huge shock for 38-year old Laura Hall when she had an unexpected retinal detachment in March 2011. Laura said: ‘I had just been on holiday and was sitting at my computer when I suddenly noticed a sudden influx of small fuzzy shapes floating across my left eye.’

Later that night Laura became increasingly alarmed as the floaters, as they are called, began flashing so she and her partner rushed to the A&E department at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Laura’s condition further worsened when she had a massive influx of floaters which dissipated into small balls. Although she did not know it at the time, the floaters were in fact small bleeds into her eye. Laura’s retina had detached.

At birth Laura had been three months premature and weighed two pounds and had Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). She had not seen a consultant since she was 8 years old because any link between retinal detachment and ROP was not understood until the 1980s. Certainly Laura had forgotten about her ROP.

A visibly shaken Laura was seen by Mr El-Amir at the Royal Berkshire who explained her condition and described the procedure he recommended. According to Laura: Mr El-Amir answered every single one of my questions along the way. ‘After vitrectomies with gas and silicone oil and an encircling scleral buckle, my retina was re-attached.’

After about 18 months Laura’s retina had settled back and was stable enough for the buckle to be removed. Mr El-Amir also carried out preventative surgery to a hole in Laura’s other eye and continues to monitor any onset of adult ROP in both eyes.

Laura works in the property sector and a driving licence is vital for her work. A relieved Laura said: ‘Fortunately my ability to drive had not been affected. In fact, to celebrate I bought a new car; one which I’d had my eye on for a while!


Wishing to help others with a similar condition, together with her partner, Rob, Laura hit upon the idea of a training workshop in property investment for which all the proceeds would be donated to The Harley Street Eye Clinic’s Retinal Children’s Fund.

A delighted Laura said: ‘I was so pleased and proud. We managed to raise over £1,000.

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