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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most common questions we get asked. But if there is anything at all that you are not sure about, please call us on 020 7060 0086 and we will be happy to help you.

If you are looking for specific information about your eye condition, or treatment, then please visit the relevant pages on our website.

Will I still be able to travel following surgery?

In the immediate days following surgery, we would usually advise you not to fly anywhere. If the surgery is more significant, such as vitrectomy, this will extend the no fly period. Travelling is fine by car, train or boat, so you are free to travel to other countries.

Can I drive after surgery?

We advise you not to drive for 24 hours following your surgery. Individual cases vary, but it is the first 24 hours where vision is most impaired, making it unsafe for you to be behind the wheel.

Will I be able to continue working?

Most patients are able to return to work after a brief period following surgery. How quickly you go back to work is dependent on you, and the nature of your job. If you are likely to cause a strain on your eyes, or there is a risk of injury on the job, then the rest period should be extended. We will advise you on your specific circumstances.

Will my appearance change following surgery?

Whether your surgery is minor or more serious, you can expect to look exactly the same after surgery. Perhaps the eye may be a little sore and red immediately after surgery, but this will soon heal and you will return to your normal self.

Can I still have a social life?

We advise you to take it easy in the days immediately following surgery, to reduce pressure on the eye (particularly after vitrectomy surgery). There is no reason why you cannot enjoy socialising with friends and family in a relaxed setting. As your eye heals, you will be able to pursue more energetic activities again.

How soon can I have surgery?

Depending on the nature of your ailment, our team is flexible enough to have you scheduled in within days. Emergencies such as retinal detachments and tears take priority, requiring surgical intervention within days.

For cataracts and other less urgent surgical treatments, we will schedule your appointment as quickly as possible. You will not have to wait long; we always aim to see you within a few weeks. For some eye conditions, such as blocked tear ducts, you will be treated as an outpatient on the day of your consultation.

Will I have to do anything after surgery?

Post surgery, you will be given eye drops to help the eye heal quickly. In the case of vitrectomy surgery you may also be given a special apparatus to use while sleeping (as sleep position can aid healing).
We will discuss your post-operative care in detail before you are discharged from the clinic and you can take away lots of literature to read about your condition, treatment and post-operative care, should you wish to.

How long can I expect to stay in hospital?

Most patients will stay about six hours. Once your eye has been checked and you have fully recovered from the anaesthetic, you will be able to return home.

How do I schedule appointments after surgery?

Usually, one of our team will contact you to schedule future appointments, but if you need to be seen before this, please contact us on 020 7060 0086.

How long will I stay under your care?

We always aim to cause as little disruption to your busy life as possible. So as soon as you are completely healed and recovered (and you feel happy), you will no longer be under our care.

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