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Retinal Children’s Fund

The Harley Street Eye Clinic has its own charity, the Retinal Children’s Fund, which it set up to support eye care for children. The fund is currently aiding efforts to raise a further £25,000 to buy a new Retcam machine for the Special Baby Unit at Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospital (Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust) in Berkshire.

Retcam machine

A Retcam machine is sorely needed at the hospital and will be used to prevent blindness in premature babies and diagnose other eye diseases, including cancer, in children.

The Harley Street Eye Clinic’s director, Mr Ahmed El-Amir, founded the Retinal Children’s Fund charity in 2013 whilst treating children at Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospital (Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust).

If you would like further information on fund-raising efforts for a Retcam machine at the hospital, please email Paolo Cicero, Business Development Manager, at businessmanager@harleystreeteye.com


Please make any donations out to: Scbu Trust Fund (sa15). Address: Sheila Eames, c/o Ward 24, Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospital, Wexham Street, Slough SL2 4HL. (Scbu = Special Care Baby Unit).