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Expert eye team offering a comprehensive service

We can help with all eye conditions relating to the front and the back of the eye ranging from cataracts to retinal conditions.

Our personalised service

We are committed to providing a service which is tailored to your specific needs. We will advise you if we believe your circumstances require advanced traditional procedures or your treatment would be best served by our pioneering procedures.

Pioneering procedures

We offer state of the art vitrectomy surgery for retinal tear/detachment, macular holes, floaters and vitreous haemorrhages. Similarly, if diabetes has affected your eyesight (diabetic retinopathy) then vitrectomy surgery could be for you. Vitrectomy involves advanced surgical techniques and small sutureless Day Case surgery.

Our innovative treatments

  • The CentraSight Programme for treatment of advanced macular degeneration (AMD), which is not available through the NHS in most of the UK. Mr Ahmed El-Amir was the first surgeon in Europe to implant the miniature telescope (Centrasight Programme). Within this field, Mr Ahmed El-Amir remains the most experienced surgeon in the UK and the only surgeon in the world able to provide this treatment service to patients with previous eye surgery.
  • The new laser-guided femtosecond surgery for treatment of cataracts which allows for greater precision, lower risk of infection, higher success rate and a quicker recovery – this level of precision cannot be achieved with human hands alone. The pioneering technology is changing how we view cataract surgery and Mr El-Amir is one of the few trained surgeons able to provide this treatment.
  • We also offer microsurgery cataract extraction performed as a Day Case. We provide an array of lens implants ranging from premium lens implants (for age-related cataracts) such as Toric lenses which also help remove astigmatism, multifocal lens implants which offer the potential to see well with ‘freedom from glasses’ and the combined Toric-Multifocal Lenses which decrease astigmatism as well as offer the potential of ‘freedom from glasses’.

Our comprehensive treatments

We can also help with a range of cosmetic eye surgery including blepharoplasty and eyelid lumps and bumps.

Our modern technology

Includes the new 3D OCT retinal scanner, femtosecond laser, suture-less micro-incision vitrectomy, toric multifocal lenses, Lenstar Biometry and Corneal topography to measure and image the front of the eye.

Continual education for eye professionals

We are not only involved with helping you but are also actively involved in continual ophthalmology education and training for GPs and Optometrists.

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